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ChangeLog (Version History)

Version 4.5 (March 2013)

  • Export to XML (raw).
  • Print number of records in database view mode.
  • Added preference to modify login latency barrier file (nicely called loginlatencybarrierfile).
  • Wider support for automatic constraint deletion in SQL Server tables. Constraint name detection via error messages with CONSTRAINT keyword. Maybe not or too much enough... but you still can fight with the SQL command line.
  • Visual hint to prevent primary key adds on TABLE field editions via GUI, when a primary key was yet found, and visual grouping of unique, primary key to hint about possible incompatibilities.
  • Ability to drop constraints (in indexes with a column associated, otherwise, use CUTE's SQL command line as ever).
  • Ability to print server variables (IIS) via GUI added button.
  • Printing differenced views in addition to tables in table selection combo at table view.
  • Printing SQL history in database view mode linked to custom SQL history at table view.
  • Rollover version checker in CUTE downloads (bottom) button.
  • Code reorganization, hopefully minor fixes.
  • Visual mods.

Version 4.43 (November 2012)

  • Incremented max filter string length to 255 characters.
  • Corrected a bug related to persistence of invalid empty filter constructed with the part of the filter that results from filter screen when coming from a non invalid empty filter form entry.
  • Another pass on correcting strange bugs related to databases with really rather surreal and weird characters.
  • Call it fix or maybe workaround on a very rare and not less infrequent and seems unknown ASP bug that consists in a situation when of request, request.form and request.querystring are found doing certain data smashing/faking in a rather surreal way, request() collection calls seem to fake form data in rare but real life cases, things like converting characters to lowercase on its own motivation. Don't know if it's only in IIS 5.1 (WinXP Professional) ASP.
  • More secure (related to data integrity preservation) prefix in form fields.
  • Cosmetical changes.

Version 4.42 (October 2012)

  • Additional security measure: login barriers (latency periods) based on failed login attempts from the same IP address.
  • Better detection of MS Access databases (when coming via DSN's, for example).
  • Add primary key and unique to table definitions - add field interface.
  • Added Jquery calendar widget to add some flexibility to date selection in filters.
  • Solved some issues with filters, special mention to datetimes in SQL Server and floating point values localization issues.
  • Solved some issues with drop views and certain Jet drivers.
  • Additional error handling in SQL Server exports.
  • Error display fix for Internet Explorer (7,8,more?) at login screen (was displaced to an extreme, making it partially unreadable).
  • Cosmetics and code reinforcements.

Version 4.41 (September 2012)

  • Added export to MS SQL Server feature.
  • Corrected a bug related to ASP long waitings/"hangs" when trying to execute certain multiple SQL queries in MS SQL Server, in table mode, when done via SQL command line.
  • Table structure views are now always complete, even in partial views through custom SQL commands via SQL command line. Less "xeno", less confusing.
  • Added ADO adDate type for table structure recognition.
  • ADO values are now more fine grained via GetValForType utility sub, this prevents some misunderstandings related to locale sensitive data editions.
  • Some minor problems with combo actions solved.
  • Some minor problems with export attachments solved.
  • Delete entry now shows binary data in fields where it's applicable.
  • From now, history is no more stored in served document, but fetched on demand via ajax query. This avoids page size overload. Added cute_get_pers_query.asp for this.
  • Win98 compatibility issue, class termination is no more done explicitly, only set to nothing: no more 'if IsObject(m_RS) then' or 'm_RS.Close', only 'Set m_RS = Nothing' is done.
  • Code reinforcement at SQL Server db creation, preference cute_preference_dsnconnections checking.
  • Added preference file tuned for win98, and default preference file retouch.
  • Deleted file upload placeholder.
  • Code reorganization.
  • Documentation corrections.
  • Install notes for win98.
  • Added a database for win98, test98.mdb, to be hereafter included in releases.
  • Language updates.

Version 4.4 (November 2011)

  • Added database repair and compacting feature.
  • Corrected a low probability but important bug related to bad record selection in edition in rare cases (record changed was not the same than record edited).
  • Primary keys are now being detected ok in SQL Server (MS Jet was always doing it ok, I think). This was the last legacy issue to be solved with respect to UTE, I think. Now I think it is finally solved with respect to all the directions and positions of the universal ether (I think:-)... It slows things a little in SQL Server, though.
  • Added access keys (keyboard shortcuts) Alt+Shift+S, Alt+Shift+C and Alt+Shift+Q for save, save and exit an exit respectively, in form edition mode.
  • Added dependency checks for CUTE, previous to the main engine.
  • Better HTML output in database mode.
  • Made database DSN maximum precedence, followed by mdb shortcuts and mdb files in folders, in minor precedence, to reorder workspace more correctly.
  • Code reinforcement (in special key detection in SQL Server, was leaky and prone to hanging if internal SQL Server database definition was not as pretended, and issues with FixSessionDSN) and cleaning.
  • Suppressed edition sentences and actions in table views, for coherence and by the moment they must be edited using SQL queries.
  • Added color to add visibility in scroll to key column.
  • Bug correction in UTE legacy routine SetPrimaryKeyFieldType.
  • Added IsTableTable routine to detect real tables and difference them from views and so for...
  • Updated docs, added documentation for newer features, SQL things, example on views, and related to the binary export problematic in CSV format.
  • New translations (added some strings and a completely new translation to Italian by Filippo Polese).

Version 4.3r4 (September 2011)

  • Ability to alter table fields via interface.
  • Added cute_preference_trimwhitespace to preserve/delete trailing whitespace in data edition. Useful to ease edition of fixed width character field types (that use to come with unneeded trailing whitespace).
  • Passed sources to unicode (utf-8, CODEPAGE=65001), except preferences file, that is maintained in system default encoding, for this purpose was explicited TristateUseDefault for reading and writing files modes using Scripting.Filesystem object, and was changed old include mode using execute call for other with real ASP includes, that is sensible to ASP encoding specifications, this implied adding file that serves as declaration template for terms of language translations. That seems to be the way for ASP to know where to part from to transform to encoding with the value specified in Session.CodePage, and maybe the way to open to exotic translations all people was desiring to contribute to from all over the world...
  • Now default constraints are trying to be deleted "automagically" (transparent to you, my dear user...) in SQL Server columns that seem to have them associated.
  • Fixed issue with width of buttons, now they have not a fixed width to avoid truncation in its label.
  • Capability to read (via download) binary fields.
  • Added export to HTML feature.
  • Fixed some html encoding bugs that affected mostly filter page (when using field names with the "always conflictive" :-) HTML characters).
  • Display memo/text/textarea fields in a new window with double click now displays the full contents instead simply cloning textarea content in a new window.
  • Corrected a very extraterrestial bug putting an explicit byval in the functions due some problems of passing default as byref(?!) in the shtmlencode function.
  • Using js_sq_escape(Server.HTMLEncode( to correct some javascript calls (shtmlencode converts single quote to entity and javascript does not like, and simply Server.HTMLEncode lets it as is and this breaks javascript if is inside single quotes).
  • Replaced onchange for onclick in radio buttons, it is handled better in Explorer 7, at least...
  • Corrected an issue related to datetime space limitation in size for input fields.
  • Custom SQL (database view) now prints SQL output if present.
  • Added new German translation by Tom Wellige!!! (thanks Tom!)
  • Added nicer background image (wider) intended for displays larger than 1024 in width...
  • Added the donut/donate button :-) to bottom menu.
  • Added the honorable list of donors.
  • Code clean and doc updates.

Version 4.3r3 (July 2011)

  • Printing table indexes for SQL Server in table structure view.
  • Added full support for unicode and text bidirectionality, via session codepage (server side encoding transformation of the output) autodetection using addmetaencoding preference, and bidirectionality using preference languagedirection.
  • Added unicode support to filters, for ntext, nchar and nvarchar fields.
  • Added a forced numeric casting when using numeric comparison operators in filters.
  • Added option of SQL's unequality (<>) to filters.
  • Reinforced checkbox behavior, the case when are errors was in doubt to get database field or sent form field.
  • Textareas are now always doing strict html escapes, not only in form view mode, but in table mode too.
  • Full emission of unicode characters, in table data views and edition, preserving utf-8 streams (shorter and maybe faster than conversion to HTML entities via Server.HTMLEncode).
  • Modified table header sort buttons size and images for better accessibility.
  • Unified (between browsers, via stylesheet) aspect of disabled fields to a grayish color.
  • Corrected template DROP CONSTRAINT in Transact SQL, added some quotes that were lacking for the constraint name.
  • Better exports to MS Word format (multi charset, unicode, text bidirectionality and aesthetics).
  • Prepared code for HTML exports.
  • Faster exports to MS Word.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Code cleaning.
  • Visual mods.

Version 4.3r2 (June 2011)

  • Corrected some issues with entry updates and new inserts in null values and boolean values.
  • Corrected unneeded entries in filters: IS and IS NOT, I don't now what they are for, in T-SQL at least. Added NOT LIKE, was lacking it.
  • Corrected output in word (html) format to preserve spaces (added explicit <pre> to table cell output).
  • Corrected a problem related to lack of error capture in cases the database is readonly and we are trying to add or modify an entry. Added verbosity and clearer messages.

Version 4.3 (May 2011)

  • Quick table editor utility. Records can be entered for editing and navigated and saved in the way, without the need to return to table views.
  • Added edition modes: adds a selector for value "null" and "unspecified", in addition to "specified", to the values that can be used for setting a table field entry.
  • Clearer and probably nicer interface.
  • Added add field to table to the view table structure interface.
  • Added drop/delete field from table to the view table structure interface.
  • Added SQL command for altering table fields to SQL templates in personalized SQL queries.
  • Added selective field type suggestions (autodetection of database systems between Jet and SQL Server).
  • Better error display: wrapping and auto overflow.
  • Solved an issue related to error in displaying tables, because of field to use for sorting is now inexistent, just after deleting a table field. Now tables are refreshed after change of definition operations, and fields used for sorting are double checked.
  • Added automatic semicolon (;) escape for Jet and SQL Server database names, these allows mdb files and sql server database names containing this character. Added recognition of escaping system in database names.
  • Interface alerts of forbidden characters in database names.
  • Workaround to solve error display in internet explorer (changed from top fixed to top absolute).
  • Array separator in preference values is customizable, this is controlled using @array_delimiter directive. Is the effective way to escape pipe (|) character in arrays of preference values that need to use this character as an effective value for one or more of its items.
  • Heading and trailing whitespace in preference values is customizable, this is controlled using @trim_whitespace_on and @trim_whitespace_off directives. New preference file explicits @trim_whitespace_on, so for backwards compatibility @trim_whitespace_off is default in its absence.
  • Quotes are not needed for preference value delimitation, so they are not delimiters anymore, only part of literal preference values.
  • Reverted and adjusted for clearness the behavior of clearing filters in order to have a policy to maintain them or not when a personalized query is executed. This way filters are continuing to be applied when an update/delete/insert query is produced, for example, but not on triggering a personalized select query.
  • Table indexes are summarized in table structure views.
  • Nicer (and more fuckingly complex, my small dedication to nerds) error display, hopefully.
  • Ability to add new SQL Server databases from GUI.
  • Corrected some pending HTML encoding related to error messages.
  • Added export to MS Word feature (suggested by Ian Mayo).
  • Added preference entry to customize ProgId (parameter to CreateObject) for DAO: cute_preference_DAOstring
  • GUI delete field is only activated now if there is at least one field in table, to avoid total structure deletions in database tables.
  • Minor correction in title display for database name in database mode: database names with html special characters are now fully displayed in database mode.
  • Added IS NULL and IS NOT NULL comparison operations in filters.
  • Selective deletes: when two or more table entries are identical only one is deleted, not all identical entries (this makes sense because you can do massive deletes with a personalized SQL query). This puts deletes identical to updates is this sense. NOTE: this change depends for its functionality on certain support by database drivers under certain circumstances, for example, can have no effect in tables without a primary key defined in SQL Server database engine.
  • Corrected the last (hopefully) issues related to character escaping, mostly interface issues related to table and/or field named (lunatic people...) like &, > or the entitized like...
  • Corrected and issue related to file names used for table names with embedded spaces when exporting and saving to disk.
  • Corrected updates limitation: now fields are being partially updated, if a field or fields of the selected entry hasn't/have not changed this (and only this or these) field/s won't be updated.
  • Corrected a bug involving export when the table contains binary (blob) fields. Those concrete fields are not (and not even planned to be) exported (due to ASP limitations in Microsoft implementation and/or documentation), but exports don't fail now, and all records will be returned without truncation.
  • Added a selector for tables of the same database in table views, to allow quick database changes and/or simply get a view of all the tables without exiting a personalized SQL query, for example. Change of table using this control (or select current table) cleans current personalized SQL.
  • Added character double quotes to filename characters cleaning for new msaccess databases.
  • Deleted multiple recordset navigation, caused blocking :-(infinite looping) issues in some weird cases.
  • Added some language strings that were lacking.
  • Updated documentation.

Version 4.2 (January 2011)

  • Full SQL command line in database mode.
  • Display modification, access and creation dates in access (mdb) databases.
  • Display of views, separate from tables, in databases.
  • Corrected display in textareas (text/memo fields), changed to readonly.
  • Added a double click handler to display text/memo fields in a separate view.

Version 4.1 final (January 2011)

  • Primary table management: create and drop.
  • Character escaping revised again. Seems now CUTE is less prone to flu than ever before, hopefully.
  • SQL commands remain in table structure views, this allows a filtered display of the structure of the (current) table.
  • Personalized SQL queries history (session wide), with control of length of SQL history via preferences.
  • Database, table and field names are less restrictive (now allowing most non alphanumeric characters).
  • Added a preference that allows to declare a character encoding for web interface and so avoid the sometimes error prone browser based auto-detection.
  • A new login interface.
  • Changed preferences file path preference to a separate file called, to ease management.
  • Security update: changed preference file name from cute_preferences.nfo to cute_preferences.ida. Adds security since ida is an extension interpreted internally by IIS, and so is virtually impossible obtain an undesired read of preferences file via website, even if the extension is not explicitly forbidden via IIS website configuration. Still, if you want to continue with the older extension, anyway a reason could exist, change this in file Const CUTE_PREF_FILE = "cute_preferences.ida" to: Const CUTE_PREF_FILE = "cute_preferences.nfo".
  • The support for previous preference file paths changed to absolute windows pathnames ("C:\....") or mappathed pathnames (relative to web server ones).
  • Bug corrections "on the road":
    • showing table defs in empty tables
    • data types enlarged (cint to clng) to fit large table identifiers
    • personalized queries is no longer persistent when view is changed to database view (explicit delete of old query when navigating between tables)
    • logout now does explicit session.abandon
    • more verbose errors and error catching where lacking, f.e: added more verbose messages when reading incorrect types in values of preferences (name found when needed a number for example)
    • better SQL templates ([] around table names, fields)
    • added some lacking URLEncodes and HTMLEncodes
    • corrected export functionality to function correctly with personalized queries
    • changed functionality in personalized SQL & show structure to display the structure of the current table fields present in the personalized query instead of the table when personalized queries are active
    • added some margins and other cosmetics
    • corrected a bug related to no doing html <> escapes in the personalized query input area
    • now can modify or delete fields with quotes in its contents using form interface ...(this list is probably not exhaustive, there are more bug corrections not related here)

Version 4.0 final (03.10.2010)

  • Run personalized SQL queries, including SQL data definition commands.
  • Allow undefined values in all preferences specified via cute_preferences.ida.
  • Corrected workspace toggle bug in IE6.

Version 4.0 prereleases (07.09.2009)

  • Handling of whitespace in database table names.
  • Handling of whitespace in database field names.
  • Automatic language detection for interface, via UA HTTP headers, client side.
  • Runtime include, used 4having programmd conditionally included <!--include files.
  • Basic authentication (single user, nocrypt, hardcoded, no pass-> single userid).
  • Level of workspace, allows specification of folders 2search4 mdb files, single mdb files and DSN's, to constitute the workspace, and select the current working database file/DSN for UTE (unique verifications in dsn, folder, path's).
  • Database header with database name no hardcoded, "automagically" obtained via real database name.
  • Added pagination in 200 records.
  • Faster table reading/displaying in long tables.
  • Allows to create new databases.
  • Allows commutation of workspace visibility, persisting in the same session.
  • Included some basic sorting of mdb files and a primitive detection/warning of possible problems with permissions.

Version 3.01 (07.05.2003)

  • Bugfix: !!! Syntax error line 1010 (v2.10) !!! !!! Syntax error line 127 (v3.00) !!! Due to some mishandling of SourceForge's CVS system I got one INC file in UNIX format and one in MAC format. These formats are obviously *NOT* supported by NT4 PWS/IIS. All files are now plain MS-DOS format.
  • Bugfix: error when calling UTE with "pkey" parameter.
  • Improvements in primary key detection.

Version 3.00 (28.04.2003)

  • Define (any number of) filters to search for records.
  • A toolbar on top of the table view instead of some links below it.
  • Display SQL statement being used to get table data.
  • Exporting the table data as CSV file will no longer create a CSV file in the "/export/" folder. The data will be created and sent "on the fly" to the user's browser.
  • Italian language definition file (by Marco De Sortis).
  • Spanish language definition file (by Agustin Vega).
  • Display Boolean fields as checkboxes instead of TRUE and FALSE.
  • Bugfix: Removed table caching. This was responsible for heavy delay times when opening large tables.
  • Bugfix: when using the sort parameters "sort" and "sortdir" the defined values where not reseted when switching the table using the LIST TABLES mode.
  • Bugfix: unable to update boolean fields in environments other then German or English.

Version 2.10 (13.01.2003)

  • List all tables of a database if no tablename is set as URL parameter.
  • Any number of fields to sort a table after: sort[n], sortdir[n]. For compatibility purpose the single parameters "sort" and "sortdir" are still valid.
  • Dropdown lists to select page and pagesize instead of links.
  • Custom URL parameters will be kept while navigating through a table.
  • Fixed width of MEMO fields in table view mode.

Version 2.0 (23.11.2002)

  • Completely rewritten.
  • No more session variables.
  • Just one VBScript class to include into own webpage.
  • Ready for localization into any language. Comes already with a number of languages.
  • Option explicit proof.
  • And a number of bug fixes being reported in the past.
  • All future development of UTE will be coordinated on SourceForge:

Version 1.4 (14.03.2001)

  • Bug Fix: Wrong Date format in SQL statement when updating a record.

Version 1.3 (08.03.2001)

  • Improved primary key field detection.
  • Bug Fix: Usage of Single Quotation Marks (') in string fields.

Version 1.2 (12.02.2001)

  • Improved primary key field detection.
  • Display fields in defined order (and not alphabetically).

Version 1.1 (08.08.2000)

  • Bug Fix: Opening an empty table.
  • Bug Fix: Saving NULL fields.

Version 1.0 (16.02.2000)

  • This version won the first CodeProject Article Contest.
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