Bienvenido al sitio de software libre de CUTE, editor de bases de datos para MS Access y SQL Server. Este proyecto necesita reanimación desde Marzo de 2013.


Se puede realizar mediante donaciones, patrocinio o ayuda en la instalación.

donate sponsor aided installation

O puedes ayudar escribiendo nuevas traducciones, un artículo en la wikipedia acerca del programa, comentarios en foros o blogs, añadir código o documentación, etc... En cualquier caso gracias.


You can contact me via e-mail, at this address:

I warn you, I'm not a guy of the wired kind, so be patient, and expect a delay of days (even weeks) between you send it and I read it, if it doesn't end at the spam folder, of course.

If you have problems with the previous one, you can try for this contacting purpose the address, it's the google based one and used to be the preferred one, but things have changed a lot since Google AdSense censorship policy decided to block the main income of this project: ads, and this kind of things are of the kind of those that decrease confidence.

You can see additional data about this and other projects in my SourceForge's user page. And of course you can visit my SourceForge's personal page.

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