Bienvenido al sitio de software libre de CUTE, editor de bases de datos para MS Access y SQL Server. Este proyecto necesita reanimación desde Marzo de 2013.


Se puede realizar mediante donaciones, patrocinio o ayuda en la instalación.

donate sponsor aided installation

O puedes ayudar escribiendo nuevas traducciones, un artículo en la wikipedia acerca del programa, comentarios en foros o blogs, añadir código o documentación, etc... En cualquier caso gracias.

Help in translations needed...

Please, help me translate CUTE to as many languages as possible. I use to release English and Spanish updated for each version, so currently French, German and Italian (listed in alphabetical order) could need updates if elements in user interface had changed since the previous update. To do so, first of all, open one of these files:

...and secondly replace Const values with the correspondent term. Those that need translation their values are surrounded by brackets [...]. For example, suppose working with


...will be changed in to something like:

Const STR_DATABASE_CONNECTION_USER      = "Utilisateur"

That is, eliminating start and ending brackets, that indicate the term is pending translation. Once done, please send me the lines you edited or the whole file via mail to, I will thank it a lot.

To add a new language (would love it) please take English or Spanish as reference, and repeat the same process.

Very important: all the translation files are UTF-8 encoded, so avoid use of HTML entities (like &aacute; and so for...) but only as much as possible, if it is impossible, it is impossible (like the case of &lt; to represent a literal <, for example). Use an appropriate UTF-8 text editor, like windows Notepad, for example, saving the file with the encoding option set to UTF-8.

...And if you think they are too many explanations for this trivial task, do not worry, the naive is me...


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