Bienvenido al sitio de software libre de CUTE, editor de bases de datos para MS Access y SQL Server. Este proyecto necesita reanimación desde Marzo de 2013.


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Handling binary fields with CUTE

Binary fields contents can are shown in CUTE in a way that you can download them to a file simply clicking on the corresponding icon. But what about writing to them?

This seems more complicated, but it is not exactly that, well, perhaps is more difficult, but not more complicated, because there are actually two very simple workarounds to this:

  1. GUID (Jet SQL) or uniqueidentifier (T-SQL) types can be input within brackets, simply put, for example: {5F9719FF-8B86-D011-B42D-00C04FC994FF}
  2. All the rest of binary fields (in my reduced universe, though) can be input with a classical SQL command, taking care of the hexadecimal syntax for its values, f.e: UPDATE [@bina] SET [binaf] = 0x01 WHERE [id] = 3


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